Xavier Napoleon Birch

Call him old-fashioned, but XAVIER NAPOLEON’S creator has always held his heritage in high regard – particularly intrigued by natural and practical skills that for present day generations lie lost.

At their root, skills such as hunting, smithing, masonry and carpentry are cornerstones of society as we know it today. As a young man, Xavier held a unique understanding that whilst most skills could be taught – the ones that are fading must be honed through hard-work to master.

Xavier’s fascination with nature, tradition and workmanship inspired his ambition of becoming a falconer, a very rare present day trade. He followed this path around the globe as far as the UK, where he was trained in the art by one of the most experienced and renowned falconers in the world. 

This would be the spark that would light the match of his new calling. As part of his training with birds of prey, he learnt how to make leather hoods, lure’s and falconry bags. The more his passion for leather and craftsmanship grew, the more inspired his craft became - Forming a lifestyle collection of his own, he instantly captured people's attention. This was the first hint of a fledgling business, thus creating XAVIER NAPOLEON

Building a workshop on his family’s seventh generation farm – rich in its own heritage - Xavier equipped it with antique tools. The tools he works with today are the kind that were built for purpose, pebbling, stamping, stitching and cutting, the type for which there is no modern replacement to buy new today.

With his handmade leather collection gaining popularity, he now provides goods to customers across New Zealand, and around the world.

The Xavier Napoleon collection is a labour of love. It’s journey to what it is today is enriched with a strong sense of history, tastefully felt in the aesthetics of the work space and carried through into each and every handmade leather good.





Above: England, Northumberland, Hadrians Wall. 'The Northumberland Crow Falcons'.