Our Leather

The luxe and naturally attractive properties of premium quality leather make it a highly sought-after raw material. We approach the chain of custody and care of the leather we use on our products with a view that it is a co-product of the meat-industry. Therefore, we take great pride in where it comes from.  

We have chosen our leather suppliers with a great deal of thought and intention to ensure throughout the entire creative process of Xavier Napoleon products, we are contributing to earth and its inhabitants in the most responsible way we can.

We only use New Zealand made leather. Our suppliers are members of the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme, an industry collaboration set to create a single standard of excellence around integrity, traceability, biosecurity, sustainability, and animal welfare on New Zealand’s farms. 

The tannery we source from takes every precaution to minimize the production of waste at all stages of manufacturing - starting with the welfare of the animal the product comes from.

In addition, within the tannery, 83% of the energy they use comes from renewable sources such as hydro and wind.  They use water-based products in the process so that they don’t emit the chemical compounds associated with solvents, and as a Reach Compliant company, they ensure that harmful and hazardous banned substances are not used within their processes or the product thereafter. Furthermore, they use techniques to segregate and recover the chrome used in the tanning processes, so it can be reused again and again, saving it from ending up in waterways and the ocean.

Xavier Napoleon began with the vision to create timeless leather goods. We are not a fast-fashion brand. Every piece that we make is intended to be cherished and even passed down through generations.  It is our hope that we play a small part in not only slowing the fashion industry but lessening the waste of the meat industry through the longevity and quality of our product.

 When you buy any fashion piece, whether from Xavier Napoleon or another brand, always take a moment to consider what it means to you, what its true worth is, the impact it has on the world around you and how you can get the most value from it.