The Workshop

The XAVIER NAPOLEON Leather Collection is an invitation to step back in time:

Remembering a time when a man’s name was carved out by the skill of his hands and the integrity of his craft, and when honest toil was a reward in itself... 

XAVIER NAPOLEON celebrates craftsmanship, embracing the time-honoured and sustainable traditions of historic leatherwork practices. Sourcing the highest quality materials and New Zealand grown and tanned leather, each XAVIER NAPOLEON piece is designed and wrought with elegant simplicity.

Practical, timeless, built to last, like the century-old tools that formed them, this collection inspires a conversation about the future with a firm nod to the past.

Ka mua, ka muri: 'walking backwards into the future'.


Handmade exclusively by craftsman Xavier Napoleon, each piece is individually made with a vision to create timeless and practical leather goods.

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