The Craftsman

Handmade exclusively by craftsman Xavier Napoleon, each piece is individually made using 100-year-old leather work tools, traditional skills and a vision to create timeless and practical leather goods that improve with age. Avoiding factory processes, everything is measured, marked out, hand-cut, formed and folded with hands and hammers, skived, pressed, stitched and all watched over with an expert eye for detail. The XAVIER NAPOLEON leather collection is a classic, sophisticated and contemporary range of unique pieces that will last a lifetime. Watch Xavier Napoloeon at work in his workshop here.

Every product is made with premium full-grain cow hides, sourced and tanned in New Zealand. Each hide is hand picked for their natural characteristics such as scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. This is a sign of quality leather. Embrace these characteristics because there is no other piece exactly the same as yours!  The leather will last for generations and improve with age, developing a rich patina that inherits the marks and scratches of a piece well loved. 

Industrial Thread
The industrial thread used in the XAVIER NAPOLEON collection is the same thread used to make ship sales, parachutes, air bags, hiking boots and outdoor pursuit equipment. Even the military use it! It is hard wearing, UV, salt water, mildew and rot resistant so you can take your leather anywhere.

Solid brass, steel and stainless steel hardware is used on XAVIER NAPOLEON products and stress points are reinforced with heavy duty rivets. While the leather may soften with age, the industrial thread and rivets will hold it together for a lifetime of wear and tear.